Using iDebit on a Bingo or Casino Site

Casino guides / Oct 19, 2023

Yen Deng

Oct 19, 2023 3 min read
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As an easy-to-use platform designed with the Canadian market in mind, iDebit might be your ideal payment method at an online casino.

iDebit is an online payment service available throughout Canada which can work as either an eWallet in its own right or an intermediary service between you and your bank. Services like these are obviously ideal for online gambling, and iDebit certainly seems to be catching on. If you’re looking for a service like this specifically for the Canadian market, you need look no further than iDebit. Its practicality, simplicity and security make it a very attractive choice for handling your payments.

Anyone over 18 who holds an account with a supporting bank can use iDebit. Using it as an intermediary is very easy: all you need to do is fill in your bank details. If you want to use it as an eWallet then you’ll need to set up an account, following the quick and easy instructions on the website.

Pros and cons of iDebit

Pros of depositing at a casino using iDebit

Very secure

All information transferred through iDebit is 128-bit encrypted and anonymous, meaning complete peace of mind with regard to privacy. Any information you share is used only to facilitate the operation of the service. The servers are located in a secure data centre protected by biometric scanners and are monitored 24/7.

Quick and easy to set up and use

Creating an account with iDebit is quick and easy as well as being free, and once you’ve set one up it’s cheap to maintain. Using iDebit as an intermediary payment service is even easier, since all you need to do is enter your bank details to facilitate a payment. The iDebit website is very user-friendly and intuitively designed too.

No payment cards, fast transfer times

It sounds obvious, but the fact that using iDebit eliminates the need for credit or debit cards is a huge draw. As early as 2013 executives like Tim Cook were declaring that credit and debit cards were ‘outdated and vulnerable’, and the trend towards cardless payments seems likely to continue with time. There’s no need to bother having to trawl through your wallet to double-check your card number or expiry date with iDebit — and on top of that, it means even less potential for fraud. In addition, there’s no need to worry about the potential slow transfer times that you can get when paying with bank cards. Once you transfer money using iDebit, you will see it arrive in your account very quickly. This efficiency is certainly one of the service’s most attractive features.

Wide availability

iDebit can be used across a wide range of online gambling websites and is supported by a large number of Canadian banks, so it’s unlikely that you won’t be able to make use of it. In addition, you can use it just as easily on your mobile device as on your computer. iDebit is currently only supported by two sportsbooks, but this will undoubtedly change with time. Importantly, iDebit’s focus on the specifics of the Canadian market means that it is becoming more and more of a trusted service in the country; as it continues to grow, it will become even more widely available.

Control over payment

iDebit is certainly very easy to use, but you might worry about it letting you part with your money a bit too easily. Handily, though, the service only lets you make a payment if you can actually afford it, so there’s no need to worry about going into debt.

Cons of using iDebit to play at a casino site

In general, iDebit is a fast, reliable and secure payment service; the potential drawbacks are few and far between. Nonetheless, there are a few things you might want to be aware of before using it:

If you want to draw upon balance from multiple accounts in order to make a payment, then iDebit might present a challenge: the service only allows you to spend the available funds in your one bank account.

The transaction fees ($2 flat fee for withdrawals) may also inconvenience you, but given that they are so low and that iDebit are upfront about them, they are unlikely to cause you much bother in the long term.

Using iDebit

Creating an iDebit account

  1. Click on the button in the top right-hand corner of the homepage
  2. You will then be prompted to enter your name, email address and postcode as well as solving a reCAPTCHA for extra security
  3. You will then have to provide your address, date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number
  4. The last thing to do is create a password for your account, and then your iDebit account is ready to use!

Making a deposit with iDebit

It’s easy to deposit funds into your online casino account using iDebit. To make a deposit:

  1. Select iDebit as your preferred method
  2. Enter your bank details to check out as a guest, or log into your account
  3. Approve the payment
  4. Once the payment is approved, you’re done: the funds will be transferred into your account immediately

Withdrawing money using iDebit

Withdrawing money with iDebit is just as easy as depositing it:

  1. Decide how much you want to take out
  2. Select iDebit from the options
  3. Log in or check out as a guest as appropriate
  4. Confirm


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