What is the best casino payment method?

Casino guides / Oct 19, 2023
What is the best casino payment method?

Yen Deng

Oct 19, 2023 4 min read
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If you want to enjoy stress-free payments whenever you want them, then you need to check out our casino payment method guide. We have listed the main pros and cons of the top casino payment methods available in Canada, so you can choose one that works for you.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to payment methods on online casino sites in Canada, but not all are equal.

If you want to enjoy stress-free payments whenever you want them, then you need to check out our casino payment method guide. We have listed the main pros and cons of the top casino payment methods available in Canada, so you can choose one that works for you.

Everyone is looking for different things from their payment method. Whether you value speed or want to avoid paying extra fees on your payments, there is something out there that matches your needs and makes depositing and withdrawing your money as easy as can be.

What payment methods are available with casinos in Canada?

We know casino payments can be puzzling. Below we have listed some payment methods currently available in Canada, along with why you may want to use them and why not. It is worth noting that not all of these options are available for every casino. It is best to check each website’s list to see which payment methods they carry before you get started.

Debit Cards

This is a convenient payment method for players wary of overspending. You can only spend what you have in your account, and you get the premium security protection of your provider.

On the con side, debit cards won’t always allow for large payments, and withdrawals take between 3 to 5 business days.

Credit Cards

Some credit card providers and casinos offer cashback on the money you spend, which can be a nice reward. Credit cards are a handy payment method for players who already own one, and thanks to the high level of security attached, you can play as safely as possible.

Unfortunately, if you use a credit card and cannot pay the money back on time, you may have additional fees tacked onto the amount owed.

Visa vs. Mastercard

Please note that while Visa allows players to deposit and withdraw funds, Mastercard does not. You will need to use a non-Mastercard method of payment if you want to withdraw money from your casino account.


PayPal is one of the best-known online payment options and is widely available. There’s not much better if you are looking for a payment method that’s accepted at pretty much every casino. PayPal is also famous for its security, so it’s an excellent choice for anyone wanting to keep their money safe.

However, you will need to set up an account and transfer money to and from your PayPal if you are using this option. Check out ou guide for more information on using PayPal at Canadian casinos.


Players love ecoPayz for casino deposits because it is easy to set up, offers fast transfers, and has plenty of currencies available. Gamblers also appreciate the strong security policy of this eWallet.

You may want to consider an alternative payment method if you make regular small payments, as ecoPayz charges up to 7% per service.


Canadian casinos are increasingly offering Klarna payment options. With this service, you can buy now and pay later, an obvious plus for online spenders. On top of this Klarna offers super short transfer times and secure payments, and you don’t need to make an account to use it. See this guide for more.

However, while Klarna doesn’t charge fees, some banks may impose transaction fees, so you may want to check with your back before using this.

Apple Pay

With Apple Pay, you don’t pay any extra fees, and you can enjoy more convenient and more secure payment methods with Face ID or Touch ID. Many casinos in Canada have cottoned onto this and now offer their players this option.

Sadly, Apple Pay is only available to Apple users and only with products newer than an iPhone 6. Additionally, you cannot withdraw using Apple Pay, so this is not the best method for players wanting to deposit and withdraw with the same service.


iDebit is an eWallet designed specifically for the Canadian market. It is becoming more widely available in online casinos in Canada and only allows you to spend what you have. It is very secure, and you don’t need a card to use it, which means even faster transaction times.

On the downside, iDebit only allows you to withdraw from one bank account and charges a flat fee of $2 per service. You can find out more by reading our iDebit payment guide.


An intermediary service that makes paying online easy. InstaDebit is safe, mobile-friendly, and has excellent customer support. Read our full guide if you want to know more about using InstaDebit at an online casino.

It can currently only support one bank account per account and charges a fee of $1.95 for using the service, which is not ideal for anyone looking to make small and regular deposits or withdrawals.


Interac is another Canada-based online payment service. It is only available to those with a Canadian bank or credit union account. Players tend to favor Interac because it provides secure and fast transfer options and is widely supported by online casinos in Canada.

Canadian players cannot currently use Neteller, and Skrill is only available in alternative currencies.

There is no one best payment option. It just depends on what you are looking for and what is most important to you. Whatever you want, there is an option for you.


Yen Deng